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Under the Grave

Gravedigger series book 4

  Peace is all Hel has longed for since she died, and finally, she feels like she’s found it… that is until three unexpected visitors ruin her romantic evening with Soren.
Soon, the safety of the home she’s carefully crafted begins to crash around her, and once more she’s jerked out of everything she knows and thrown into a world of nothingness—a world she has to create and rule over.
Starting from scratch and bound to the threads of her fate, she learns she can’t run from her destiny, but just maybe she can weave it into a design of her liking.
If she can adapt and accept this world of new faces and new rules, she will be more powerful than she ever imagined. If not, it’s not only her soul she has to worry about, but the souls of all who come to her. Either way, it’s going to cost her.


Praise for "The Dark Side of the Woods"


An edge of your seat harrowing story as Dalton takes you into the mysterious dark woods in this unique romantic thriller. A serious page turner!
Cyrus Alderwood, author of Tales From the Sunset Pub

In “The Dark Side of the Woods" Willie Dalton paints this story in such a way, that even the Appalachian Mountains become one of it's own vivid characters in the story.  The visuals weave together with the story in such a way, that it heightens the reader's experience.  Fabulously crafted, with character's you want to know, this book is a must-read.   -Amy Blackthorn, Author, Encyclopedia of Magical Aromatherapy

Willie Dalton does it again. Dark passions, ancient mountains, and a looming family curse. THE DARK SIDE OF THE WOODS will draw you in... and may never let you go.  -Angela DuBois
author of the ClassiQuest Science series


Praise for "Three Witches in a Small Town"

If you liked Alice Hoffman's best-selling novel and the hit movie it spawned, Practical Magic, you will love Willie E. Dalton's debut novel. Three Witches in a Small Town will keep you spellbound to the end.

-Tammy Robinson Smith author of Emmybeth Speaks




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