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Dark Side release party

My release party was a great success, not because I sold a lot of books (although I sold plenty). It was because I had so many good friends come to celebrate the fact that I've written and published two books now! No matter how big or small of a success I am and no matter how many good or bad reviews I receive, I am happier writing than anything I've ever done. So I will continue to celebrate for each and every book I write.

The event was at Gypsy Circus Cider Company in Kingsport, Tn. It's a fantastic little place with a great vibe and some of the best ciders and mead I've ever tasted. I was a big fan of the Flower Child hibiscus mead and the sweet bartenders kept a glass in my hand all evening.

Sadly, I was so busy talking and laughing that I didn't get nearly enough pictures to share but here is what I have! Thanks so much to everyone who came to say hello.

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