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The awful, the beautiful, the hard.

Today, I am attending a funeral for one of the saddest reasons possible. After I leave there I'm going to celebrate one of my beautiful cousins who is marrying her true love today. Tonight I am saying goodbye to two foster kittens that I've had nearly since birth. This is life, the awful, the beautiful, the hard.

The last few months have been such a mixture of all of these things that my head and heart don't know whether to sob or rejoice, so I do both, almost daily.

The book I'm currently working on is called "The Girl Who Digs Graves" it was unfortunately inspired by my digging a grave for one of my less fortunate foster kittens. Since then, I've buried a few more. There is something primal, yet nurturing, about digging into the earth to prepare a final resting place for someone. Yes, even a cat. It takes strength, stamina and sweat to dig while grieving for a life that meant something to you. A funeral, a burial is the last thing you can do for someone on this earth and I understand why so many cultures have detailed rituals to say goodbye.

Death comes for us all with no mind to age, class or sex. He doesn't notice the tears and heartaches he leaves in his wake. But I suppose Death isn't sad about the job he has he knows an ending on earth is simply the beginning of that soul's eternity.

Love is beautiful thing to celebrate on any occasion so I can't wait to congratulate the happy couple and wish them all the wonderful things life has waiting for them.

And in saying goodbye to my foster kittens, I'll kiss them goodbye and be grateful for the time I had them and thankful they are off to find loving homes so I can save even more.

Today will be a day of many tears for many reasons and tomorrow will be a new day entirely.

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