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We all know I suck at maintaining my blog, but every now and then I throw one together. Obviously, at the moment I have a little more time on my hands, as does pretty much everyone.

First of all, Under the Grave has been out a few months now and I finally have some paperback copies I'll be mailing this week. It's not on Audible yet, but hopefully soon!

I have two other projects I'm trying to finish up before putting my nose to the grindstone on the last book in the Gravedigger series, but I seriously cannot wait to get it done and out to all of you!

The project I'm dedicated to right now is a young adult novel that my daughter has been encouraging me to write for well over a year now. It's over halfway finished and I'm incredibly excited about it. So if you have pre-teens or teens who enjoy horror be on the lookout. I will be using a pen name for it, so we don't mix up my very adult books, with one that is kid friendly. More on that book soon though!

Second, please let me know what you think about Under the Grave! I love getting messages and seeing reviews come in. And if you haven't yet, PLEASE leave reviews on Amazon, Audible, and or Goodreads for my other books.

I hope all of you are surviving quarantine and all of it's chaos. Stay in, read all the books, keep everyone out there safe!


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